Quantum Fund

Quantum’s financing solutions are tailored to address the needs and requirements of claimants, attorneys, and law firms. Our capital is structured to prioritize interest alignment and often represent non-recourse credit alternatives.

Quantum’s History

Quantum was founded during 2020 and is led by a team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in financial and business services.

Quantum was established with the goal of addressing the disparity between accessibility to legal funding and a growing demand for capital. We believe the strength of our network, investing experience, client-centric focus, and unique underwriting processes will help address this disparity, while affording claimants the financial support they require to level the playing field against well-capitalized defendants.

We have an intimate knowledge of the global landscape and are dedicated to primarily serving the middle market – which we define as claim values tied to pending or ongoing commercial litigation requiring less than $5.0 million. Our firm will evaluate cases requiring additional funding on a case-by-case basis.

Who We Work With

Quantum works with corporate plaintiffs and their in-house legal teams – providing them with the capital they need to retain the best counsel, address budgetary constraints, monetize claims and minimize business interruption during the life of their case.
Our capital solutions provide attorneys as well as law firms the ability to offer clients more flexible fee arrangements, augment traditional income streams, minimize legal exposure and financial risks associated with cases requiring years to finalize.