Litigation Finance

Litigation funding involves a third party providing financial resources to enable costly litigation or arbitration cases to proceed. In exchange, the third party receives an agreed share in the proceeds if the case is successful.

Financing solutions are often structured as non-recourse in nature but have evolved in line with rising adoption and a changing regulatory landscape. Today, litigation funders employ a variety of underwriting approaches and investment structures. Litigation funding has become broadly recognized, and increasingly accepted as an effective tool to provide access to justice for claimants.


Financing with Quantum

Quantum is a litigation finance firm focused on streamlining accessibility to capital. We specialize in structuring competitively priced and creative alternative financing solutions to support costly, meritorious, litigation.

Our team leverages 40+ years of financial and business services experience in conjunction with data-driven tools to reduce the time involved in qualifying claims and structuring innovative solutions.

By being an efficient and knowledgeable capital partner, we help clients pursue their claims while allowing them to focus on what matters most – stabilizing, maintaining and growing their organization.


The Quantum Advantage

Our firm’s advantage resides in the cohesiveness of our network, litigation funding experience, data-driven tools, and nimble operating capabilities. 

Relationships with trusted premier law firms across multiple specialties of practice, as well as other service providers including industry brokers, wealth advisors, and investment banks, among others
Access to proprietary and third-party case law data used to enhance decision-making processes and offer plaintiffs quick feedback on the investment characteristics associated with their claim
Focused on addressing claimant’s top priorities: funder trustworthiness, responsiveness, flexibility, terms transparency, and maintaining readily available capital
Demonstrable track record as funders, investors and business operators