Our Approach & Funding Processes

Quantum takes a hands-on approach to evaluating and funding commercial claims. We engage with plaintiffs and their legal counsel to evaluate the merits of a claim, involve subject-matter experts to assist with strategy, and structure a tailored financing solution that preserves interest alignment throughout the life of a case.

Throughout our process, we work collaboratively with financing recipients to meet their deadlines and ensure all parties are allocating their time and resources efficiently.

Our process can be categorized into four steps:

Step 1:

Initial Scoping Call & NDA Execution

Step 2:

Term Sheet Proposal

Step 3:

Conduct Confirmatory Diligence

Step 4:

Investment Agreement Finalization & Case Funding

Partnering with
Plaintiffs & Attorneys

Quantum’s financing solutions are tailored to address the needs and requirements of claimants, attorneys, and law firms. Our capital is structured to prioritize interest alignment and often represent non-recourse credit alternatives.